November 30, 2015 Ryan Ursomanno

Gorton & Partners: Construction Today Magazine

Gorton & Partners is pleased to share its recent feature in Construction Today magazine.

The article featured in Construction Today’s September/October issue focuses on Gorton & Partners’ experience and expertise in the ever-changing and expansive New York City construction industry. For 21 years, as the article indicates, Gorton & Partners has been navigating this industry with integrity, unparalleled insight, and well-earned success.

The article also highlights many of Gorton & Partners most interesting projects across its two decades of experience while illustrating the company’s wide-range of project types. Some of the projects highlighted include the unique challenges of the continually changing Metropolitan Museum of Art and the intricately designed luxury, high-rise residential tower at 45 East 22nd Street.

Above all else, the article displays that Gorton & Partners, with its tremendous experience and track record of success, is well prepared for and ready to tackle the exciting, extensive, and challenging world of New York City construction.

Read the full piece on Construction Today’s site here.