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45 East 22nd Street – We went to the top of New York’s latest skyscraper to find out how it’s being built

Last week Business Insider featured an article on 45 East 22nd Street written by William Fierman and Hollis Johnson called “We went to the top of New York’s latest skyscraper to find out how it’s being built”. While showing some of the breathtaking views 45 East 22nd Street has to offer, Fierman and Johnson interviewed Bruce Eichner, developer and founder of The Continuum Company, 777 feet above Manhattan’s Beaux-Arts Flatiron District. To read more about how this beautiful skyscraper is changing the demand of New York towers click here.

45 East 22nd Street – Flatiron District’s Tallest Tower

Take In the Views from 45 East 22nd Street, Flatiron’s Top-Heavy Tower

See what Manhattan looks like from 777 feet in the air

As of last week, the Flatiron District’s tallest tower is one step closer to completion: the 777-foot structure at 45 East 22nd Street, developed by Ian Bruce Eichner’s Continuum Company, has reached its full height. Curbed was on-site for a topping-out ceremony last week, held on the 42nd floor of the building; from that height, we were also able to get some pretty spectacular views of Midtown, Brooklyn, and beyond.

When completed, 45 East 22nd Street will have 83 condos, the priciest of which is a 6,032-square-foot duplex penthouse. From the top of the building, we were able to get a glimpse of what residents in that apartment may see: The vantage point is quite unique, affording views of Midtown’s rising skyscrapers in one direction (including iconic structures like the Empire State Building), and the Lower Manhattan skyline in the other. You’re also eye-to-eye with landmarks like the Met Life Tower, with its gilded clocktower, and can look down onto the normally über-exclusive Gramercy Park. (Granted, this view in and of itself is über-exclusive, because who has $38 million to spend on a penthouse?)

45 east 22nd street madison square park Max Touhey for Curbed

The project has been in the works for several years now, and it’s already 60 percent sold, according to a spokesperson. Now that it’s at its full height, the Kohn Pederson Fox-designed building will take its place as the Flatiron District’s tallest tower. It’s also one of the most unusual, with a narrow, cantilevered base that rises to a wider, slightly to-heavy pinnacle. Plaza Construction is the firm responsible for that aspect of the project.


iFly Westchester

Gorton & Partners soars to new heights after the grand opening of the Ridge Hill’s iFly indoor skydive facility in Yonkers. The state-of-the-art wind-tunnels provide customers with the unique experience of taking flight and simulating the feeling of skydiving all under one roof. Having provided Project Management services to iFly from beginning to end, Gorton & Partners was granted the Award of Excellence upon completion. iFly is another great example on how Gorton & Partners provides expertise in planning, design and construction to overcome any obstacles and complete projects on-time.

For more information about iFly Westchester click here

Gorton & Partners: 2015 Recap

The word January is derived from the Roman god Janus. Janus was a divine being with two faces, front-to-back, that allowed him to look both into the past and forward to the future. This Roman god is a truly fitting inspiration for the month that starts our calendar; for, we too, have great reasons to be retrospective and excited for days to come.

2015 was a successful year for Gorton & Partners. We were able to secure over a dozen new and exciting projects in a wide array of construction categories including residential, commercial office, private residences and a variety of unique institutional undertakings. Like the city in which we work, Gorton & Partners continues to grow in exciting directions.

While these new projects were rolling in, Gorton & Partners also added new members to its family. In 2015, new employees joined our team and helped grow our staff to thirty-five. We will continue to grow in the New Year and are excited to welcome our newest employee this month.

We look back upon 2015 with a mixture of pride and excitement. The growth and the projects, both old and new, give us a sense of accomplishment as well as the desire to continue the hard work and dedication that got us to this point. We will take the momentum we have gained and jump into 2016 with eagerness. We look forward to furthering our already strong relationships with our current clients and beginning fresh relationships with clients, old and new.

Like Janus, we are able to look backward and forward as this new year begins; we are lucky enough to do so with fondness and smiles upon our faces. We hope the same for all of you.

A very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year from all of us at Gorton & Partners.

Gorton & Partners: Construction Today Magazine

Gorton & Partners is pleased to share its recent feature in Construction Today magazine.

The article featured in Construction Today’s September/October issue focuses on Gorton & Partners’ experience and expertise in the ever-changing and expansive New York City construction industry. For 21 years, as the article indicates, Gorton & Partners has been navigating this industry with integrity, unparalleled insight, and well-earned success.

The article also highlights many of Gorton & Partners most interesting projects across its two decades of experience while illustrating the company’s wide-range of project types. Some of the projects highlighted include the unique challenges of the continually changing Metropolitan Museum of Art and the intricately designed luxury, high-rise residential tower at 45 East 22nd Street.

Above all else, the article displays that Gorton & Partners, with its tremendous experience and track record of success, is well prepared for and ready to tackle the exciting, extensive, and challenging world of New York City construction.

Read the full piece on Construction Today’s site here.